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Modalities that inform my work


Core Energetics

The mind cannot address what is not aware of

Core Energetics was founded in the early 1970s by John C. Pierrakos, MD and psychiatrist. Comparable to body-centered psychotherapy, the approach is grounded in the beliefs and teachings of doctors, scientists, and philosophers who support the existence of a positive, creative force within humans.  This personal growth and transformation program unifies body, mind, emotion and spirit in a conscious evolution toward a fuller life to heal old wounds and reveal unseen gifts by addressing emotional and physical impacts of stress, trauma, anxiety, and other life experiences. 

By working directly with the body and incorporating movement, breath work and expressive exercises into a session, you gain a deeper understanding of yourself, move through anger and depression, re-awaken passion and improve self-esteem. You come to know the fullest expression of yourself.

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