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Live your fullest expression

Beyond talk therapy...

My mission is to work with the tremendous wisdom of the body to transform and overcome the obstacles that prevent you from experiencing your exquisite fullness and activate the boundless resources of your highest self.
Cheryl Musgrave

A life of truth, freedom, creativity and pleasure awaits

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Unify body, mind, spirit

On our journey, you will experience the interconnectedness of body, emotions, mind, will and spirit —and the further integration of them through mindful and creative explorations and activities.  Your body is the repository of your life's experiences; therefore, we utilize movement, breathwork, bodywork and expressive techniques for physical and emotional release.  Additionally, we may incorporate visualizations, meditations and energetic healing, along with other modalities I am trained in.

It's your life force flowing freely

As the body's armor dissolves and previously split-off energy flows, it becomes re-integrated and available for you to be authentically and radiantly alive.  Long-standing patterns shift; you gain more clarity, purpose, and pleasure.  It's powerful, challenging and exhilarating work.  It's about learning to connect to your deepest self, letting go of old patterns, discovering true self-responsibility, and reclaiming all your energy and power.  In freeing your energy from the job of “bodyguard” and allowing the heart its powerful vulnerability, you come to know and experience who you truly are.

You are respected and honored

I hold a safe, nurturing space for you to look with curiosity and compassion at who you are, how you exist in the world and what more is possible as you become aware of, trust, and follow your inner wisdom.  In this sacred work, I bring my open heart, welcoming and honoring all parts of you.

 I work with individuals and couples in Stamford, CT and online

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This body-centered, transformational personal growth work may be for you if...

You are navigating a life transition like divorce, loss of job, switching careers or retiring

You are grieving the loss of a loved one

You are finding relationships unsatisfying

You long to fully embody your sexuality

You feel stuck, stagnant, or paralyzed in your life, and are searching for a means to move forward, gain momentum, reignite your creative spark, and live in deeper alignment. 


You know that there has to be more to life.

What are you waiting for?

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