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Modalities that inform my work


Core Energetics

The mind cannot address what is not aware of

Core Energetics was founded in the early 1970s by John C. Pierrakos, MD and psychiatrist. Comparable to body-centered psychotherapy, the approach is grounded in the beliefs and teachings of doctors, scientists, and philosophers who support the existence of a positive, creative force within humans.  This personal growth and transformation program unifies body, mind, emotion and spirit in a conscious evolution toward a fuller life to heal old wounds and reveal unseen gifts by addressing emotional and physical impacts of stress, trauma, anxiety, and other life experiences. 

By working directly with the body and incorporating movement, breath work and expressive exercises into a session, you gain a deeper understanding of yourself, move through anger and depression, re-awaken passion and improve self-esteem. You come to know the fullest expression of yourself.

Reconnective Healing

Working with the subtle body energies

Eric Pearl, who brought Reconnective Healing to us, says that with Reconnective Healing, these “evolutionary frequencies are of a new bandwidth and are brought in via a spectrum of light and information that has never before been present on Earth... we are able to interact with these new levels of light and information, and it is through these new levels of light and information that we are able to reconnect… because healing and transformation occur by way of an information exchange - ‘light and information’… We are reconnecting with our original true spiritual essence, that part of us that we reconnect with in between lifetimes. We are learning how to become one with that consciousness, with that state of being, now, while we are here on this physical plane.”

For the session, you rest comfortably on a massage table on your back, clothed, but with your shoes removed. I manipulate energy with my hands above and not touching your body during the session. 



A technique to restore life force energy

Reiki is the life energy that flows through all living things. It eases discomfort, restores balance and sustains health through a refined, ancient art of hands-on-healing.  As a Reiki practitioner, I understand that everyone has the ability to connect with their own healing energy and I use it to strengthen energy in you.  

For the actual session, you rest comfortably on a massage table on their back, clothed, but with your shoes removed. I apply a light touch during the session. If you prefer not to be touched you can tell me before you begin and I will hold my hands above your body.

Reiki is a great tool for stress reduction and relaxation. Many people use Reiki for wellness. Reiki is not a cure for a disease or illness, but it may assist the body in creating an environment to facilitate healing. Reiki is a great tool to use as a complement to traditional medicine and is practiced in many hospitals and medical care settings.

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